Ukrainian Cargo Plane Crashes in Northern Greece

A Ukrainian civilian cargo plane carrying munitions crashed in northern Greece on the 16th (local time), killing all eight crew members, AFP/Reuters reported.

According to reports, the freighter, an Antonov (AN)-12, owned by a Ukrainian transport company, crashed into a cornfield near Kavalasi, northern Greece, while leaving Serbia on the same day for Bangladesh.

It was confirmed that all eight Ukrainian crew members were killed in the accident.

Serbian authorities said the cargo plane was loaded with about 11.5 tons of domestic munitions, including training mortar shells.

He also emphasized that the buyer was the Bangladesh Ministry of Defense and had nothing to do with the Ukrainian war.

Serbia’s defense ministry countered, “Some media speculated that it was munitions destined for Ukraine, but this is completely false.”

The Greek military dispatched a specialized CBRN unit to the site to conduct a detailed investigation, but could not detect radioactive or chemical or biological hazardous substances harmful to the human body.

The cause of the accident was first identified as an engine failure.

According to Greek aviation authorities, the pilot of the cargo plane urgently informed the authorities that there was a problem with one of the plane’s engines before the crash.

In response, the aviation authorities arranged for landing at either the northern Thessaloniki airport or the Kavala airport, and the pilot chose the closer Kavala airport for an emergency landing, but communication was lost afterwards.

A resident who witnessed the accident said, “The engine of the accident was engulfed in flames.”