Centerville Residential Area Parking Dispute Shooting

The shooting occurred at a townhouse complex (Golden Oak Rd) across from the Virginia Centerville Library.

At around 11 pm on the 26th (Thursday), a woman reported to the police that her boyfriend had been shot, and another man was reported lying outside her house with a gunshot wound.

The dispatched police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound in the kitchen and found another man lying dead with a gunshot wound at the entrance of another townhouse and took them to the hospital. It is reported that they are being treated in hospital with no life-threatening injuries.

While many residents were shocked by the shooting incident that occurred in a quiet residential area, it is believed that the cause of this incident was a parking dispute. While the investigation is still in progress, according to eyewitness testimony, when a car carrying a group of men entered the complex that night and tried to park, a resident came out and told them to move their cars, saying that the parking lot in the complex was designated for residents. The parking dispute seemed to be over as they drove away, but not long after, they reappeared and knocked on the resident’s front door. A fight ensued and one of the groups shot a resident in the abdomen, and the man, who was carrying a firearm, also fired several shots at them as they ran away. It is understood that one of the groups suffered a gunshot wound and collapsed during this process.

Police confirmed the identities of all those involved in the incident, but said there were no other criminal charges, and believe that a conflict over a parking dispute escalated into a shooting. In the end, when the two threatened each other with guns, the other men also took out their guns and started shooting at each other, leading to a tragedy like an action movie from the Wild West that occurred in a quiet residential area.